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Celebrate World Beard Day

Posted by Alice Thick Hair on

The fashion industry is this weekend celebrating world beard day, a chance to acknowledge the most masculine of hair accessories; Facial Hair, also known as the beard. Just how long does a beard need to grow, before it is declared a beard, rather than stubble? In a recent GC article readers indicated that anything over 1cm was considered an adequate beard length, and anything over 1cm was just a bit scraggy and not acceptable.

What do women think of beards? Women spend a lot of time removing their own facial hair, so it is kind of ironic to think that facial hair on a man is actually desirable. Look to Hollywood and there are so many actors who look better with beards; Ryan Gosling, Ben Affleck and Ryan Reynolds, they all have their fair share of female admirers.

Fashion is usually driven by pop culture, and rock and roll, but this latest surge in popularity of beards has been embraced by sporting icons rather than rock and roll culture. David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Oliver Giroud, Gareth Bale, and even Roy Keane.  Mens grooming has indeed come a long way from the days of old spice, and maintaining a healthy looking beard is key to its appeal.  Facial hair will become uneven after 1-2 months and regular appointment with a good Barber will ensure the maintenance of a healthy looking beard. Of course a diy hair trim is an option, if you invest in a good set of clippers.

On the subject of cutting hair, I did go a bit mad with the clippers recently, and removed an impromptu section of hair behind my ears. It is interesting to note that I was able to use hair fibres to cover up this area of accidental hair loss. It might be worth bearing in mind, that if you have the same problem clipping your beard, try using hair fibres to fill in the gaps.

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