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Do you use dry shampoo & have you noticed excess hair loss?

Posted by Alice Thick Hair on

Imagine if you could opt out of washing your hair, and cheat with a magic spray to delay a hair wash every few days. Imagine how much more sleep you could get, imagine maybe an extra hour in bed. Now imagine that the magic spray contained butane and isobutane, which can be toxic to our organs, causes irritation to lungs, eyes and skin. The reality is that Batiste dry shampoo contains 12 such toxic substances with butane and isobutane being banned in Canada, but being the 1st listed ingredients on this product.

The purpose of my hair loss blog is to raise awareness to people who have noticed that their hair is falling out, and to try and find some meaning as to why this is happening. In recent months, journalists have been picking up stories of many people who have reported considerable hair loss, and this in turn has been linked to usage of Dry Shampoo.

Dry shampoo is sold to millions of customers worldwide, who are very happy with the hair product, but with so many high profile cases of hair loss being reported, it is time to question whether people are needlessly experiencing hair loss. Typical symptoms would be a gradual hair loss with bald patches appearing, irritation of the scalp with discomfort due to blisters and sores.i

Of course personal hygiene does come into play here and in the absence of a good hair wash oil and dirt will build up on the scalp and the continuos addition of dry shampoo can be a recipe for disaster, especially if you have a history of sensitive skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema.

As with all hair products moderate use is recommended and there is really no substitute for freshly washed hair. If you have been overusing the dry shampoo lately, it might be a good idea to moderate usage, especially if you have been experiencing hair loss.

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